Resources for Parochial Schools

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SES Group has provided us with far more support and funding than our previous shared time public school district partner. They truly were my partners, working right beside me, helping find qualified, and quality teachers that would “fit in” with the rest of our school staff. They worked with us to find highly qualified teachers, and as an administrator, I was involved in every aspect of the selection process, including the interview. SES created an atmosphere that has been a great benefit to our school. I am pleased to have SES Group as our partner and would recommend them to anyone looking to make a change and/or improve their shared time program.

Julie DeGrez
Principal, St. Germaine Catholic School

Non-Core Elective Classes

We know you want the best for your students and so do we!  Ask us how we have helped Catholic Schools choose from a variety of Foreign Language Programs to add to their curriculum and how we have helped them prepare their students for our growing global economy.

Kids in gym class for a shared time service

Providing Supplies and Equipment

We understand resources can be tight.  Ask us how we were able to stretch some of our Catholic School Partner’s budgets to meet their supply and equipment needs, enabling them to provide their students a better “hands-on” learning experience.

Seeking Grants

We understand how important grant writing is for the success of your programs.  Ask us how we have partnered with other schools in the grant writing process to ensure you have the most funding available to you.

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