Michigan Public School Partners

Michigan Public School Partners

What Exactly is Shared Services (or Shared Time)?

Shared Services is a State of Michigan program that allows public schools to provide services to private schools in the non-core and elective areas for grades 1-12. Shared time also provides some funding for Kindergarten learning.  The non-core areas include: art, computers, foreign language, music, physical education, other additional electives, such as advanced placement courses, and online learning opportunities. Shared Services has been around for decades, and legislative changes have expanded geographical boundaries.

Who Benefits?

Shared Services benefit both the public school and the private school, as well as the parents and the teachers. When a public school district pays the teachers’ salary for qualifying classes, the private school can realize significant financial savings. In return, our public school partner collects a portion of the students’ State Aid.

Parents and teacher in a meeting at a library

  • For parents – Shared Services allows private school parents to see a benefit from their property tax dollars.
  • For teachers – the teacher benefits by earning time toward state retirement. This program truly is a win for everyone.

Through our partnership with public schools like Redford Union we may also be able to work with your existing staff:

  • Hire your private school’s highly qualified teachers
  • Customize benefit packages to match their current programs

Do you have a question regarding how SES Group can help your public school increase your portion of State Aid? Reach out to us below.  We’ll respond within 1-2 business days. 

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