About SES Group Shared Time

Shared time services is a State of Michigan program that allows public schools to partner with private schools parochial schools.  SES Group facilitates these important partnerships enabling private school in the non-core elective areas enriching their offerings and expanding private school resources.

The Shared Time program benefits both Public and Private schools.  Our Michigan Public School partners, receive state money for providing the teachers. Our Private School Partners are able to connect their students with the teachers and classes that support each students’ academic needs.

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Meet the SES Group Team!

Jerry Graham – Program Director
& Innovation Specialist

My passion is to help your school shine by bringing your students every bit of happy, motivated teachers and great support possible! I am the youngest of 10 (which is a bit tougher these days), and it taught me to pay attention to the details and go find a solution. My parents saw the importance of Catholic education throughout my elementary and high school years. My own sons benefitted even more from their 12 years in Catholic schools (and beyond at University of Detroit Mercy). I have been involved with their grade school programs, parish and school committees, coaching, and volunteering.

Sylvia Bahri – Relationship Manager

My organization and systems will ensure that your time is well spent! From everyday tasks to getting the answers you need; I will give you personal attention to get it done quickly.  My background within public schools and alternative education means your teachers are cared for by a friendly and professional staff ready to support them. From an early age, I had a deep appreciation for learning and structure thanks to some wonderful teachers, including my parents.

Julie DeGrez – Instructional Support & Development

My extensive background in the classroom and as an elementary principal help keep our teachers running smoothly!  I have a unique perspective into what makes a faith-based schools so important.  It is my mission to build a strong, cohesive teaching staff that fits each building. Through mentoring, development, and support, teachers feel a part of the team, are more productive and happier. Everyone knows a happy teacher makes for happy students. Happy parents with engaged students makes for great school communities.

SES Tutor